George Washington Carver Full STEAM Ahead U M B R E L L A  P R O G RAM


George Washington Carver was an American botanist, inventor, educator, and philanthropist who left an indelible mark on the world. The George Washington Carver Full STEAM Ahead program is proud to continue the legacy of science, innovation, education, and philanthropy, all components of our umbrella programming.

Five Core Goals

EDUCATE students on STEAM-related topics, concepts and ideas.

EXPOSE students to STEAM-related careers and professions.

EQUIP students with an overall knowledge of planning for college.

ENGAGE students to participate in cultural, mentorship training, civic and community service.

EMPOWER students to live healthy lifestyles mentally, physically and socially.


We recognize change is gradual and we desire an increase in levels of satisfaction towards STEAM programs. We want the George Washington Carver Full STEAM Ahead Program to be a recognizable brand that is synonymous with improving and engaging the community in higher-level academic pursuits. We expect an increase in the understanding of STEAM-related content presented as the learning curve will improve as students are exposed and engaged in frequent STEAM-related programs. The desired change will result in an increase in academic performance and increased interest in students pursuing STEAM-related careers. All five facets are equally committed and connected to execute a transformational program that educates, exposes, equips, engages and empowers students to pursue higher education and reach for the stars.

The Links, Incorporated aims to transform our community by delivering programming and initiatives in Five Facets.

Services to Youth

The Arts

National Trends and Services

International Trends and Services

Health and Human Services